iSki Runner

iSki Runner

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بر روي ديوايس اپلي خود بازي اسكي را دانلود كنيد و طوري اسكي بازي كنيد كه هر گز تجربه اش را نداشته ايد. بازي كه سعي دارد تا حس اسكيت سواري را به شما منتقل كند.


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Immense feeling of skiing! Tux Ski like you have never seen it before. Hundreds of new functionalities added! Start the game and slide down hills and mountain on different courses or race the half-pipe and do ski jump. See who is best by comparing your results with friends or try to break your own high-scores. Experience the game in the classic third-person-view or feel the snow through player's view, simply change the mode in the settings controller and you'll feel like beeing on a snowboard.

NOTE: In-app purchase is available for full content.