Study Time - SYLO

Study Time - SYLO

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Study Time helps students manage their time spent studying.

  • Stressed out with revision, exams, or studies?
  • Worried that you’re giving too much attention to some subjects whilst neglecting others?
  • Don’t know how much time you’ve spent working?
  • Want to visually view your progress and share with others?

Study Time helps with all of this!

It’s super simple:

  1. Create your project and customise the colour (we always think of Geography as blue…)
  2. Run the timer whilst you work (if you forget to start the clock then you can add time manually).
  3. Log the time.
  4. Review your work with graphs/statistics and plan accordingly.
  5. If you’re feeling particularly pleased with yourself, you can even share your progress with others!

So if you want to organise your study efforts, plan revision, prepare for exams, use a time tracker for your work, and share your achievements - then give Study Time a try!


"It will really help manage my workload for year-end finals" - Agustin, 21, University of Kent

"It's sometimes hard to keep track of how much work I'm doing, but organising my revision by time and colour is amazing!" - Katy, 15, GCSE student

"I like the name SYLO (Sort Your Life Out) as Study Time does exactly that!" - Harry, 17, A-level student


  • Stopwatch
  • Project Entry
  • Customisable colour-scheme
  • Bar charts
  • Pie chart
  • Overall statistics
  • Share data over message, mail, Facebook, and Twitter

Connect with Study Time: @studytimeapp