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The most intuitive, polished, and enjoyable Sudoku game on the App Store! Completely free with an endless supply of Sudoku puzzles.

  • Sleek circle & color design.
  • Square theme also available.
  • Color customization for up to 90 different combinations.
  • Supports both iPhone and iPad with full HD retina graphics.
  • Simple controls.
  • Easy, Medium, Hard & Expert Sudoku difficulties.
  • Hints, Notes, Autocomplete.
  • Move suggestion highlights.
  • Stat tracking including perfect games.
  • Turn timer on or off.
  • Quick mode setting for a fast game.
  • Big, easy to see display that is fully customizable.
  • The most modern and clean Sudoku available.

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"I enjoy playing games and this one is beautiful. Simple clean, sounds are nice. And yet a challenge. Great game and great design."

"This is the prettiest version of soduku i have ever seen and its so simple and customizable just. Love it ."

"The artistic creativity, visually appealing and enjoyable interface design, and fine programming are very impressive. The visual layout, choice of colors, animation, sound effects, color highlighting, etc. are absolutely wonderful!"

"Amazing - five stars!"

"The best Sudoku!"