Sky Baron: War of Planes

Sky Baron: War of Planes

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جنگی میان هواپیماها در طول جنگ جهانی اول، با گرافیگی خیره کننده و فضایی جذاب در سبک آرکید و شبیه سازی


SKY BARON: WAR OF PLANES! Epic plane battles during WORLD WAR I.

Experience STUNNING GRAPHICS and AMAZING GAMEPLAY of the most beautiful warplane related game you’ve ever played on your mobile device! Discover the aviation of Great War! Take down enemy air crafts!

Test yourself by playing over 30 various dramatic missions in 2 game modes - ARCADE and SIMULATOR. Unlock WAR HERO mode!

Protect allies, chase down your targets, eliminate all opponents and survive the war.

Pilot 6 DIFFERENT WARPLANES to face various enemies - not only warplanes but also BALOONS and even ZEPPELINS!

  • Halberstadt, Nieuport, Pfalz, Albatros C.III, Fokker Dr.I, Fokker D.VIII - fly them to combat in 5 various weather conditions!

Let your actions to create NEW PATHS OF HISTORY!


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