Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3

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بازی جنگی حماسی از سری بازی‌های PRG

در زمان تغییرات وارد دنیای سایه‌ها شوید، رازهای تاریکی را آشکار کنید و بهترین جنگجوی سرزمین شوید.

در این مبارزه شما نقش یک قهرمان را بازی خواهید کرد که سرنوشت او هنوز مشخص نشده است. با استفاده از روش‌های مختلف جنگ و ترکیب آن‌ها دنیایی پر از هیجان را کشف کنید!

لذت بردن از یک جنگ با گرافیک قوی و انیمیشن روان در این بازی امکان پذیر است!


An epic Fighting/RPG series returns! Master the shadows and challenge your foes!

The world of shadows stands at the edge of a great war. The incomprehensible force, that came out of the Gates of Shadows many years ago, is now an ordinary source of power. The Shadow energy is everywhere nowadays, it's a tool and a weapon. But not everyone finds this state of affairs a good thing.

There’s the Legion, a mighty military tribe who has its primary purpose the elimination of hazardous energy. There are people of the Dynasty, who want to limit and control the energy. And there are the mysterious Heralds who learned to use it for the benefit of their own people. Three different ways of living and fighting. Their fighting will determine the world's fate for many years to come. Which side you’re on?


  • Modern 3D-graphics, realistic physics and animation.
  • The opportunity to combine 3 different fighting styles into your own unique way of playing.
  • A huge collection of different weapons and equipment.
  • A huge amount of special shadow abilities, perks and upgrades.
  • A big world map to travel across that is full of spectacular places and stories.
  • An immersive main storyline and a countless amount of side quest.
  • Regular thematic in-game events with unique awards.
  • A duel mode. Defy other players characters (controlled by AI) and take a place at the TOP-100 leaderboard among the best players across your country or region.

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