A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

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زندگی زیباست، عکس‌هایمان هم باید زیبا باشند! می‌توانیم با این برنامه به عکس‌های مورد علاقه‌مان زندگی دیگری ببخشیم. این برنامه پر از فونت‌ها و فیلترها و نقاشی‌های دستی زیباست. می‌توانیم با استفاده از آن‌ها خلاقیتمان را با دیگران به اشتراک بگذاریم.


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Your life is beautiful. Your photos should be, too.

Add new life to your favorite photos with custom filters, fun fonts, and hand-drawn doodles by Elsie and Emma, creators of the award-winning lifestyle blog, “A Beautiful Mess”. Then share your creations with friends through email, or by publishing them directly to popular social networks — Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (hashtag: #ABeautifulMess).

Whether you're sharing personalized snapshots with friends and family or broadcasting your life's most beautiful moments through social media, the photo app from A Beautiful Mess makes it fun and easy.

"A Beautiful Mess" is a lifestyle blog focused on creating a beautiful life. We share simple ways to create an inspired lifestyle. We believe in taking time each day to make something pretty. Most of all, we believe that life doesn't need to be perfect to be beautiful. Visit us at www.ABeautifulMess.com.