Quran Hakim Farsi Translation by Abdolali Bazargan

Quran Hakim Farsi Translation by Abdolali Bazargan

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یک اپلیکیشن عالی دارای متن کامل عربی قرآن کریم همراه با دسته بندی اصولی و درست جزء‌ها ، سوره‌ها و تفاسیر ; همراه با ترجمه صوتی فارسی بصورت کامل .


This Application contains the full Arabic text of Quran with an easy to read Font customized to five different sizes, as well as individual Audio Interpretation of all 6236 verses both in Complete and Summary (excerpt) versions in Farsi.

It also contains Persian written translation of all Quran chapters with footnotes.

It not only includes English locale for those who cannot read Farsi, but also in this version we are introducing English translation for all chapters in written format.

This app has search capability in Farsi, English, Arabic and roots of Quranic words provided in Search page. One may search an Arabic word simply by double tapping on any word from Quran texts displayed in the main navigation page.

It also allows users to download Audio files for each chapter onto their devices for future playbacks, when no internet connectivity is available.

Other capabilities are having bookmarks, count down and link to the next live weekly class, as well as Car Mode for those who use this App during their commutes in the car.

Other significant feature is Key Words, for better understanding important terminologies used frequently in the Quran with references to their applications in several verses with examples and other similar words from the same root mentioned throughout the book.

It also offers 22 online Arabic recitations to choose from, for those who like to listen to Arabic recitations along with translations of Quran.