PDF Viewer is Fast

PDF Viewer is Fast

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اگر با فایل های pdf زیاد سر و کار دارید این برنامه به کارتان می آید . یکی از برترین قابلیت های این برنامه که ادعا می کند می تواند آن را عملی کند باز کردن فایل های رمز دار پی دی اف می باشد. می توانید روی فایل های پی دی اف خود تایپ کنید بنویسید و امضای خود را بر روی آن بر جای بگذارید.


Is your PDF… 

  • over 8,000 pages long? 

  • 36” by 24” in size?
  • as big as 130 MB?

Does your document take forever to draw each page? Is scrolling incredibly slow?

No problem. All you need is PDF Viewer. Now with annotation capability, you can write on or sign your PDF. Add notes, make corrections or complete a contract with your actual signature.

What’s more, drag & drop files from iTunes and open documents from Mail. PDF Viewer also opens password-protected PDF files and most forms of DRM.

Can act as a cloud server so you can upload/download/mange files and folders from your desktop browser.

When you upgrade to our accelerated readers
, you get the ability to print, email or create a PDF from TIFF file types.

► Many PDF documents which are unreadable or show blank pages can be preprocessed with our free "LargeViewer Helper for iOS PreRendering" app on OSX. Allowing you to view those unreadable books.

A satisfied customer writes: "Finally I found the PDF reader app that I have been searching for. It's worth EVERY Euro I paid for it." 

You can expand PDF Viewer's capabilities by adding extra features via in-app purchases. Just tap the "In-App Purchase Items" option from the main screen. Notable upgrades include:

● manage both your Faxes and your PDF documents with accelerated Fax file pre-rendering ● Dropbox support ● the ability to read a wide range of digital file types ● work with wall-size TIFF or PDF maps.