Pako - Car Chase Simulator

Pako - Car Chase Simulator

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با یک بازی ماشین‌رانی جذاب و متفاوت روبه‌رو هستیم. باید با سرعت هرچه تمام‌تر از دست پلیس‌ها فرار کنیم و آن‌ها را مجبور کنیم به موانع برخورد کنند. اگر شما هم به ماشین‌ها علاقه‌مند هستید، حتما از ماشین‌های متنوع این بازی در ۱۹ موقیعیت لذت خواهید برد. صداگذاری جذاب بازی هم با بالا بردن سطح آدرنالین خون به هیجان‌انگیزتر شدن‌ آن کمک می کند.


Update: PAKOCALYPSE - new game mode and new level AFTERMATH

PAKO - CAR CHASE SIMULATOR Closed area. No Escape. How long would you last? See how far you can make it on online leaderboards!

"It's a simple game, but nails that 'one more go' feeling that high score games thrive on. It also looks and sounds great, with a very slick visual style." (TouchArcade: Game of the Week)

"4/5 stars. With a great art style, exciting music, and fun, simple gameplay, PAKO is the most fun you'll have crashing a car." (148apps)

!!! iPhone 5 optimized, we don't recommend playing with older devices !!!


  • Change camera view between classic and 3rd person chase cam
  • Different vehicles in 19 locations: Mall, Suburbia, Cemetery, Highway, Square, Old Town, Desert, Arena, Airport, Beach, Hockey rink, Finland, Trailer park, Launch site, Moon, Rallycross, Lakeside, Forest and Aftermath
  • Online highscore lists for each map and a combined highscore of all maps
  • Achievements for all locations
  • Super secret achievements !!!
  • Adrenaline pumping soundtrack by DKSTR
  • Quick restart, no waiting
  • No ads