Nike+ Training Club –Workouts & Fitness Plans

Nike+ Training Club –Workouts & Fitness Plans

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نایک+ یک برنامه منحصر‌به‌فرد است که این اجازه را به شما میدهد تا هرکجا و هرزمانی که هستید به تمرین بپردازید. این برنامه دارای بیش از 150 تمرین متنوع برای به چالش کشیدن قسمت‌های مختلف بدن -‌از جمله کششی،‌استقامتی‌و‌یوگا‌- میباشد. آیا دو‌ساعت در روز زمان برای ساختن بدن متناسب خود ندارید ؟ کاربرهای نایک+ عاشق برنامه‌های کوتاه مدت تناسب اندام ما برای رسیدن به اهدافشان هستند. این برنامه شامل طبقه‌بندی‌های مختلف برای همه کاربرانش است، از‌جمله: یوگا،‌کششی،‌استقامتی،‌تمرین‌های مبتدی،‌حرفه‌ای و فوق حرفه‌ای و حتی برنامه‌هایی مبتنی بر زمان. با دانلود و استفاده از نایک+ از تغییرات شگفتی که در اندامتان رخ می‌دهد به وجد آیید.


Workouts anytime, anywhere. Welcome to Nike+ Training Club, your Ultimate Personal Trainer. Get fit with 150+ free workouts in a variety of full-body challenges — from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga — featuring our world-class Nike Master Trainers in every drill. If structure is what you need, our personalized training plans adapt to you and your schedule for a one-way ticket to the body you want — whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just getting started. 

NO TIME, NO PROBLEM Don’t have two hours a day to get the body you want? Nike+ Training Club users love our short, body-weight only workouts to get results even when life gets in the way.     

PERSONALIZED WORKOUT RECOMMENDATIONS Our daily “Picks For You” are based specifically on your routine. The more you train with Nike+ Training Club, the more personal your recommendations become.

FLEXIBLE TRAINING PLANS TAILORED TO YOU Start training with a personal plan that guides you while adjusting to your progress, schedule, and other activities.

WORKOUTS FOR ALL LEVELS The Nike+ Training Club workout library includes: • Yoga (new!), Strength, Endurance and Mobility workouts • Workout times ranging from 15-45 Minutes • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels • Low, Moderate and High Intensity • Bodyweight only, Light and Full Equipment • Time-based and Rep-based options

And if that’s not enough, get motivated by some of your favorite athletes with their inspired workouts: • Cristiano Ronaldo • Serena Williams • Kevin Hart • Kyrie Irving • Rory McIlroy • Ashton Eaton • Alex Morgan • Ellie Goulding

ALL YOUR ACTIVITIES COUNT Enter and record other activities you do, like basketball, spinning, studio classes, and many more, all so you can keep track of your fitness life.    And don’t forget — Nike+ Training Club also syncs your workouts with Apple Health.

TRACK YOUR RUNS Run with Nike+ Run Club, and all your runs will be automatically recorded in your activity history.