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با نوای اول بهترین و بروزترین موسیقی ها در دسترس شما. شما می توانید به تازه ترین قطعات موسیقی بصورت رایگان گوش دهید. تولید پادکستهای بدون توقف توسط تولیدکنندگان اختصاصی نوای اول .


  • لیست های پخش شخصی ویژه و قابل تنظیم برای MP3s.
  • گوش دادن بصورت آفلاین به لیست اختصاصی.
  • اخبار روز دنیای موسیقی.
  • آرشیو 100 هزارتایی از تمام سبک های موسیقی بی کلام.
  • متن آهنگ ها.

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The best updated Persian Music to listen from NavayeAvval on your all devices.

NavayeAvval is now available. It provides the best of the persian and world music including complete archives of discographies, single tracks and raleted news. Our archive is composed of various genres like Jazz, Pop, Country, Blues, Classics, and other tastes of music.

Features: NavayeAvval is a free app but you can enjoy the exicted gifts by sending 2 to 3080!! and follow the instructions... NavayeAvval is the best way to listen to music on mobile or tablet. Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection. NavayeAvval is an app that feels like magic

• Featured and customizable personal playlists. • Offline support by syncing songs to My Music. • Search and play your favorite songs, albums and playlists on-demand • Create playlists, not worklists - on your own or powered by NavayeAvval • Download the music you want for offline listening • listen to music and Enjoy lyrics!! • Unlimited skips and replays • Higher quality audio • Listen with no ads We're very proud of the Persian community and continue to support it with great apps like this. Enjoy and leave us your feedback through reviews!