Meditapes: Relaxing Sounds, Improve Sleep & Calm

Meditapes: Relaxing Sounds, Improve Sleep & Calm

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Imagine you're on the shore of a great lake, water lapping at your toes, sun going down. Somewhere nearby someone is tapping soft notes on a piano. All is well. Welcome to Meditapes: your personal soundtrack for relaxation, focus, and mental wellbeing.

Within seconds you'll be creating unique and relaxing audio tracks. Here's how:

  1. Select a sound pack lovingly made by real people using real musical instruments.
  2. Create a unique relaxing audio loop set to a natural resting rhythm.
  3. Relax to your loop for as little or long as you wish.
  4. Rate your sessions and track your progress over time.
  5. Replay sessions that worked best for you by saving them.

Taking part in regular relaxation and mindfulness sessions helps you reduce stress, limit anxiety, focus on your goals, and even boost productivity. Meditapes helps you find that time wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

KEY FEATURES: • Take it anywhere. No need for the internet. • Sound packs made by musicians. • Mix in ambient sounds like the crackle of a fire, or the rolling of the ocean. • Simple, beautiful visuals you can change to suit your mood. • Pocket mode: slip your phone in your pocket and drift away... • Rate sessions and track your daily progress. • Save your sessions to replay later. • Choose pre-loaded sessions, or create your own. • Share sessions via email, or import ones sent to you. • Set a daily reminder. • Build streaks to form good habits, and get notified when streaks are ending.

Meditapes is for everyone of all ages, and our mission is to help the world relax through music. Find out more online @

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