Kids Jigsaw - Tiger School - Free Puzzle For Child

Kids Jigsaw - Tiger School - Free Puzzle For Child

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Kids jigsaw is a kind of casual puzzle game which is suitable to young children and preschool children. This game can develop children's matching, tactile, fine motor and color resolution skills. There are 3 different kind of difficulty, and it’s suitable for 1-6 old children. This game has a rich game content which includes animated cartoons,animal, family, fairy tales, and many other categories. It has a fine screen and it is full of children’s interesting so during playing this game, children will feel happy and learn a lot of new things about animal and plant.


  1. Three kinds of difficulty, suitable for children of all ages
  2. 6 themes, include different kinds of knowledge
  3. A large number of pictures , full of children’s interesting
  4. The theme relaxed, cheerful, that is helpful for children’s growing up