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iSafe Pro

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یک اپلیکیشن کاربردی فوق‌العاده این اپلیکیشن در واقع یک فایل منیجر بسیار امن است و شما می‌توانید انواع و اقسام فایل‌های شخصی خود را درون این فایل‌منیجر قرار دهید و برای محافظت از این فایل‌ها ، فابلیت شخصی سازی کامل صفحه قفل مطابق با سلیقه شما قرار داده شده . شما می‌توانید با رمز عددی و اثرانگشت ، فایل‌منیجر خود را امن کنید همچنین پسوورد فِیک و بک‌گراند برای صفحه قفل خود تعریف کنید .


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App of the Day Top Overall in 25 countries Top Utility in 58 countries If you want to protect your documents from spying eyes, then iSafe is for you. This app is like a real safe for your iPhone, locked away with. special code. And you even hide Top Secret stuff from extra curious, like girlfriends, by giving them a fake code that only allows them to see certain content-sneaky ;) An app that could just save your life!

Awesome Features: • Passcode & Fakecode You can unlock the app by using either passcode or fakecode. Passcode: Both unlocked and locked items will be shown Fakecode: Only unlocked items will be shown Confidential: Enter the passcode, pull down and refresh to show the confidential directories. So, enter the fakecode if your girlfriend asks you to unlock iSafe.

• Login Styles You can choose many unlock tricks, such as 4 numeric password, 9 dots lock, or disguise as piano, xylophone, ATM…

• Best Organization All files will be assigned to three categories: Photos, Movies and Docs. You can create locked albums, movie clips or directories in each categories.

• Powerful Video Player iSafe can play almost all formats of video, no need to convert anymore.

• Private Browser Hide your footprint.

Supports Various File Formats

  • Images: png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, tif, gif
  • Videos: mp4, mov, m4v, 3gp, flv, f4v, mpg, mpeg, wmv, rmvb, mkv, asf, webm
  • Audios: mp3, m4a, m4r, aac, caf, wma
  • Plain Text: txt, php, cgi, asp, h, m, c (editable)
  • Rich Text: rtf, pdf
  • iWorks: pages, numbers, key
  • MS Office: doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx, pptx
  • Web: htm, html, webarchive
  • Archive: zip, rar
  • Others: …… (unreadable, save only)

Multi-language: more then 20 languages, including Hindi, Persian.

####################### iSafe in Apple Watch Tutorial:

  1. Open the iSafe in iPhone
  2. Pull the navigation bar to right to show the menu
  3. Press the gear in the top of menu and go to Settings page
  4. Press the information button in the top right corner of the Settings page, you can see the tutorial page.