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وب‌سایت ihome.ir به عنوان یکی از قدیمی‌ترین وبسایت‌های املاک و مستغلات کشور، مجموعه‌ای از بیش از ۱،۵۰۰،۰۰۰ ملک جهت خرید و فروش و اجاره را در اختیار شما قرار می‌دهد.

در آی‌هوم شما می‌توانید به راحتی بر حسب معیارهای مدنظر خود، خانه ایده‌آلتان را بیابید، عکس‌های آن را مشاهده کنید، از موقعیت ملک بر روی نقشه آگاه شوید و به صورت مستقیم با فرد آگهی دهنده تماس بگیرید.

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آدرس ایمیل: info@ihome.ir

شماره تماس: ۴۹۷۲۱۰۰۰-۰۲۱

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iHome.ir, the country's first and largest real estate website, brings you its very own mobile app to ensure that your property search becomes all the more convenient and efficient. Providing instant access to the largest database of residential and commercial properties for sale and rent directly on your mobile screen, the app allows you to take your property search anywhere and everywhere.

The app’s simple interface and enhanced features allow even the most novice users to benefit from a customized and stress-free property searching experience. Whether you want to specify the requirements of the property you are looking for, explore vivid images of properties that may be of interest to you, or directly share the details of a property with family and friends or on your social network, the app’s numerous exciting features enable you to do this and so much more!

Property searching definitely does not get any easier than this. Check out all the wonderful features the app offers in order to make your property search more relevant, fun, and incomparably expedient!


• Specify the requirements for your property with filters defining your desired location, area, price range, number of bedrooms and other factors

• Organize the listings in your results based upon the date they were posted, area, or the most popular searches in order to ensure you view results of the highest relevance first

• Explore high quality images of properties you may be interested in whenever and wherever you want

• Enjoy a one-stop experience to collect all necessary information regarding properties through a few simple taps

• Post properties of interest directly to your social networks

• Directly share details of a property of interest with anyone via the app’s messaging function

• Instantly contact the numbers listed without saving them first

• Spot properties you are interested in and immediately label them as favorites for direct future access

• Save your search results for future reference at your discretion

Contact Us:

As iHome aims to provide you with an unrivaled property searching experience and wants to ensure its users remain highly satisfied, we would love to hear your feedback regarding the app. Boasting a policy of strenuous innovation and continuous improvement, iHome looks forward to your valuable insights in order to make our app even better!

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