IGN: Video Game News, Reviews, Guides

IGN: Video Game News, Reviews, Guides

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اپلیکیشن معتبرترین سرویس خبری دنیا در زمینه دنیای بازی‌های ویدیویی و کامپیوتری با ارایه آخرین اخبار ، گزارشات ، بررسی‌ها و راهنمایی‌ها .


The latest video game news and reviews, piped into your pocket from the world's #1 source, IGN. A must-have app for gamers, movie buffs, TV binge watchers and comic fans

The official IGN app for iOS features:

  • Wiki guides and walkthroughs -- In-depth support for getting through The Legend of Zelda, Mass Effect Andromeda, Grand Theft Auto, The Witcher 3 and more
  • Video game and movie reviews -- Learn more about the latest releases in games, movies, television, tech and comics
  • Watch all of IGN's video shows
  • Today Screen integration
  • iMessage stickers!

Grab the app and learn a little along the way.

This Universal app works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. (Be sure to check out our Apple TV app, too!)