Hydra - Amazing Photography

Hydra - Amazing Photography

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هیدرا ساخته شده برای حقه‌های نور پردازی در آیفون! این برنامه حتما باید بین برنامه‌های مخصوص عکاسی شما حضور داشته باشد. دلیلش هم اینه:

عکس‌های اچ دی آر ایده‌آل همه‌ی ما هستند و این برنامه سعی در ایجاد بهترین تعادل نوری و عکس‌برداری اچ دی آر دارد. امکان عکس‌برداری حتی در نور کم به شکلی که کمترین میزان نویز در عکس باقی باشد. اینکار را با روی هم قرار دادن چند عکس و تلفیق نورها به خوبی انجام میدهد.

حالت کیفیت نوری بالا  قابلیت ثبت عکس تا 32 مگا پیکسل با جزییات دقیق را در اختیار ما میگذارد.


Hydra offers innovative photo capture technology, and lets you take beautiful pictures even in the most difficult lighting conditions, which makes it a great companion to iOS Camera app.

Hydra captures more light by merging up to 60 frames to make a single high-quality picture (less noise, more highlights/shadows) on iPhone and iPad. Hydra also goes beyond the 8-megapixel sensor limit, with up to 32-megapixel high-resolution images. It uses the latest evolutions of iPhone and iPad camera hardware, as well as the latest camera APIs and GPU rendering technologies.

Hydra provides 5 specific capture modes: HDR, Video-HDR, Lo-light, Zoom, and Hi-res modes.

• Hydra's High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode is based on an alternate method that captures up to 20 images and that is made to handle even the most difficult lighting conditions. • Video-HDR uses single-image tone mapping and device-specific sensor mode (iPhone 6) to create stunning videos. • Lo-light mode removes sensor noise by merging together multiple images and amplifying light by a factor of 10 to provide a better image quality. • Zoom mode uses real-time, super-resolution technique to recreate missing pixels from hand motion, producing 2x and 4x scale factors with more details than the standard digital zooming technique(). • Hi-res mode produces up to 32MP images from the regular 8MP camera sensor, providing finer details in captured image().

Hydra also features a photo gallery for reviewing images and their metadata, directly linked with built-in iOS photo album, thus avoiding duplicates and allowing to flag as favorites.

(*) recommended for static & distant scenery. Rendering artifacts can occur for scenes with parallax and for moving subjects.