GymStreak Pro - Bodybuilding & weight lifting tracker

GymStreak Pro - Bodybuilding & weight lifting tracker

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با این برنامه که بیش از ۸.۳ میلیون نفر در دنیا آن را دانلود کرده‌اند شما یک مربی حرفه‌ای بدنسازی و همه فن‌حریف را در دیوایستان همراه خود خواهید داشت و می‌توانید در خانه یا هر محیط دیگری به راحتی ورزش کنید . این مربی بدنسازی الکترونیکی تمام حرکات مناسب برای شما را جهت رسیدن به اندام ایده‌ال رو فرم در ساعت‌های مختلف روز و در یک برنامه هفتگی زمان‌بندی شده و مرتب به شما ارایه می‌کند .


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Be unstoppable with GymStreak Pro, a very easy to use and beautifully designed fitness app with lots of exercises and instructions.

We believe that design matters and not just how it looks, but also how it feels. That is why our team of world class designers and programmers worked harmoniously and tirelessly to create the best interface we could, one that elegantly brings together form and function with an air of simplicity and sophistication.

It is excellent for beginners, advanced athletes and those with a taste for beautifully designed interfaces, if you aren't convinced just take a look at our screenshots.


▸ A stunning interface designed for iOS 8!

▸ Over 100+ gorgeous high resolution 3D exercise images with animation

▸ Ridiculously quick and easy workout builder

▸ GymStreak tracker - a unique way to be consistent in the gym!

▸ A motivational quote when you start a workout session

▸ Easy Set Entry - putting in the exercises you do is a breeze!

▸ Beautiful Chart View - see your progress at a gorgeous glance

▸ Live Social Share - share your sets on facebook, instagram or twitter, right as you do them!

▸ Progress Section - See your progress

▸ Share any of the Exercises on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Mail

▸ Intelligent Exercise Search - filter by name, equipment or primary muscle

▸ Exercise request - you can talk to us directly if you would like some exercises included in the next update

▸ Rest timer with Notifications - to make sure you don't slack!

▸ Workout Timer - lets you know how long your workout has been

▸ Metric and Imperial Setting

▸ Talk to a Developer - contact us directly from within the app

We are passionate about what we do and we understand that our app can always be better, so if you download the app, talk to us and help us make it even better, we are dying to hear your feedback!

So…are you ready, to be UNSTOPPABLE?