G-MScreen multiple screen for your TV

G-MScreen multiple screen for your TV

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با اين برنامه به set top box خود متصل شويد و برنامه ها را از روي آن به گوشي خود استريم نماييد و همينطور گوشي خود را به ريموت كنترل آن تبديل كنيد.


This APP is a client program for STB(Set Top Box) which can support G-MScreen,it works with STB through internet. Main Function: 1.Search/Switch channels from STB 2.Edit Channels from STB, including move,rename,delete,lock,set favorite,sort. 3.Watching Channles from STB by mobile device with this APP installed. 4.Checking channles EPG(Electronic Program Guide). 5.Virtual Remote Control interface,including buttons and touch board. 6.Adding/Editing/Deleting STB timer 7.Change the setting of STB,inculding sleep timer,parental control,password,screen lock/unlock,power on/off,factory default.