Feelca B&W

Feelca B&W

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عکس های خود را به صورت هنر مندانه و لطیف سیاه و سفید نمایید. شاید بسیاری برنامه مشابه در سیب اپ وجود داشته باشد اما این برنامه با تبدیل مناسب و هرمندانه رنگ ها می تواند عکس های زیبایی را از خاطرات شما ایجاد نماید.


Capture a ‘Decisive moment’ like Henri Cartier-Bresson. Select between a 24 or 36 exposure film and then take a picture to gain the photo qualities of a film camera.

The app also delivers the full experience of using a film camera from shooting pictures to printing photos. Also, feelca adds more sense of the depths to your photos. Your films are organized and you can add short titles or captions to your polaroid-like photos for easy sharing with your friends.

'Feelca B' does not include complicated operations such as editing and post-correction. By tilting the Manual Focus Dial, capture the subject and space which differs according to light. You might lose focus or the photo might shake, but there is a beauty in themselves.

Like the past film cameras, taking careful look at the surroundings and taking each shots carefully would bring you the special experiences and sensational outcomes.

• Tap the Shutter button to take a photo ( Long press for timer ) • Give the photo a title or leave a short comment • Share your memorable photos with a short message

• feelca@ideamp.io