Convercy - Live Multi-Currency Calculator

Convercy - Live Multi-Currency Calculator

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در بسیاری از مواقع تبدیل کردن واحد بسیار دشوار است و مجبوریم چند بار حساب و کتاب انجام دهیم تا پاسخ، درست از آب در آید. کانورسی کار را برای بسیاری از محاسبات تبدیل واحدهای پولی، آسان کرده است. در این نرم افزار می توان بیش از 180 واحد پولی را به یکدیگر تبدیل کرد و به راحتی پاسخ را دریافت کرد.


Convert every world currency including Bitcoin with the Convercy App. Convercy includes 180+ currencies from all over the world with online updated conversion rates. It's great for when you travel abroad. Convercy stores the last updated rates, so it works when the Internet doesn't and you are Offline.

Convercy has an Integrated Calculator with basic functions you always need. Just imagine that you are in Japan and a local restaurant accepts payment in both Japanese Yen and US dollars. Your bill is 200 Yen, but you have 100 Yen and a 50$ bill in your wallet. So you will ask yourself: "Do I have enough amount of money to pay? How much should I get back in change?"

  • Live Currency rate update
  • With over 180+ Currencies including Bitcoin
  • Integrated calculator with add & subtract functions to calculate prices
  • Automatic currency rate update
  • High contrast layout that is visible even in bright sunlight
  • Sleek Interface and Specially designed Keypad
  • Quick access for latest currencies used.
  • Hold your finger on calculated currencies to copy to clipboard.
  • Works even offline!

▸ Over 20,000 Downloads in a week and hundreds of positive feedbacks. ▸ Top 10 Utility App in more that 20 countries in January. ▸ Top 100 across most of European countries like Luxembourg, Cyprus, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Czech Republic in January.

Convercy has been Localized for Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese & Spanish. We'll try to improve Convercy everyday. If you have issues with the app, feedback or comments, please write to us at