ChangEd - Roundup Change, Pay Down Student Loans

ChangEd - Roundup Change, Pay Down Student Loans

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Collect Change, Pay Down Student Loans

You have student loans...we all do, and it's the biggest burden in our lives. Committing to 10,15, 25 years of repayment is no joke. ChangEd shortens your repayment and gets you out of debt sooner. The ChangEd app works by helping collect spare change from everyday purchases for additional payments onto your loan, effectively shortening your loan term and even saving you thousands in interest. We align with your natural spending, make small round ups to the next dollar and apply the accumulated change toward your loans.

ChangEd makes transfers to your personal FDIC-insured based on the roundups from your everyday purchases.

Once your ChangEd balance reaches $100, we automatically send a payment to your loan servicer to be applied as an extra payment! Sit back and take years off of your repayment!

Average users save $30-$50/month in spare change roundups

ChangEd charges a simple $1/mo from your ChangEd balance

Roundups and savings are automatic! So are the time-and-money saving payments toward your student loans!

Contact if you have any questions! We’re here to help.

ChangEd reduces the need to budget for additional payments toward student loans because it aligns with your natural spending and automates the whole process. Just use your debit card as you normally would and watch your accumulated change become a powerful tool to help pay down those loans and be free from the burden of student loans debt. Join the student loan revolution and save thousands of dollars and gain years of your life back.

R.I.P. Student Loans!