Calculator Currency Converter

Calculator Currency Converter

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يك ماشين حساب كاربردي ، ماشين حسابي كه ٣ ماشين حساب را در خود جاي داده است. اين ماشين حساب مي تواند واحد هاي پولي را نيز به يك ديگر تبديل نمايد.


Have you ever used a calculator and write down the total in order to do another calculation then reuse the total you've written down? You have to checkout this calculator. Operate 3 simultaneous calculators that allows you to add, subtract, divid and multiply between the calculators. Throw away the pen and paper.

3 in 1 Calculator, Currency and Converter.

CALCULATOR: Run 3 simultaneous calculators that allow adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplication between the calculators. Super cool feature!!

CONVERTER: Easily convert the selected unit into all other units in one go. Choose from Temperature, Length, Area, Weight, Speed and Time.

CURRENCY: Easily convert a currency into all other currencies. Choose from 32 main currencies.