BluSensor AIR - Hygrometer

BluSensor AIR - Hygrometer

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سنجش میزان رطوبت هوا و اندازه‌گیری دمای هوا با توجه به موقعیت مکانی شما

استفاده از دقیق ترین حسگر های دما و رطوبت روی کره ی زمین

یک دستیار تهویه هوشمند که با استفاده ازسنسورهای سنجش دما و رطوبت، زمان دقیق برای استفاده از تهویه را به شما اعلام می کند

اعلام بهترین شرایط و محاسبه زمان کافی برای استفاده از دستگاه تهویه در محیط

پیش بینی شرایط هوای محیط پس از استفاده از تهویه مطبوع


Our hygrometer and thermometer app is the perfect tool to measure outdoor humidity, temperature, and dewpoint at your location.

The app is using the most accurate humidity and temperature sensor stations on the planet and it's completely free!

The app also includes a smart ventilation assistant that uses the hygrometer and thermometer sensor to calculate the perfect time for ventilating your room or basement.

Proper ventilation can prevent mold formation and significantly improve the air quality of the apartment. In summer, incorrect ventilation can lead to a considerable increase in humidity (especially in storage rooms and basements).

The app calculates optimal time and duration for airing from current hygrometer and thermometer data at your location and the humidity / temperature in the interior. The app gives you a prediction of how the air humidity will change after airing. With the built-in air-conditioning timer, you can easily maintain the ventilation time.

Even more comfortable airing:

With our BluSensor hygrometer and thermometer data logger you can easily keep an overview of the current air quality in your rooms, humidors, cool boxes, guitar cases and so on. The device collects all data and makes it available on your smartphone. In addition, the unit may alarm poor air quality. Whether in the office, in the living room or in the basement, the device is ready for use everywhere.


  • Thermometer: current temperature at your location
  • Hygrometer: current humidity in your location
  • Accurate weather data through 250,000+ measurement stations worldwide
  • Scientific calculation of the time for airing - real-time display of the dew point
  • Mold alarm: Notification of mold risk
  • Units: Celsius / Fahrenheit
  • Data logger
  • Export to Email / Dropbox / Google Drive / Microsoft Excel
  • Cloud connectivity (IBM Watson IoT, Eclipse, HiveMQ, MQTT)