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With BitTorrent Play, you can watch all of your movies, TV shows, and personal videos from the convenience of your iOS device for FREE!

Do you have a lot of downloaded movies? BitTorrent Play helps you organize and play your movies and videos across any iOS devices. After you install Play for Windows, you can organize your movies and videos on your home computer. After you connect your home computer and your iOS device, you can watch your movies and videos from anywhere in your home - you are no longer stuck watching on your home PC. Enjoy your movies anywhere in the house!

Do you have a family that never watches the same movie? With BitTorrent Play, you can stream your collection of movies to different iOS devices. Kids can watch the latest family movie while parents enjoy the latest action thriller on their iOS device. Everyone in the family can watch what they want and when they want -- all using BitTorrent Play!

Do you travel frequently? BitTorrent Play also let’s you download your movies from your computer library to your iOS device so you can view it offline. It’s perfect when you are traveling and want to watch your movies on your device without the need for an internet connection. Unlike some other services, BitTorrent Play allows you to watch your movies offline for FREE - no charges. Enjoy on us and make that next trip better!

With BitTorrent Play, you can:

  • Watch movies, TV shows, and personal videos on your iOS device
  • Download your movies, TV shows, and videos to your iOS device for offline viewing
  • Organize your home library of media in one or multiple folders

EASY SETUP: Streaming videos requires Play for Windows available for free at

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