Barcode-QR code Scanner

Barcode-QR code Scanner

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یک برنامه اسکنر برای خواندن بارکدها و کدهای QR و ارایه اطلاعات آن‌ها .


Barcode-QR Code Scanner is the fastest and most user-friendly code scanner available. You can DECODE Text, URLS, ISBN, Email, contacts information and much more with a single click using your Device's Camera

Get Webpage links after decoding and find items & products easily. Create your own QR and Barcodes with the Code Generator using a wide array of options like facebook, paypal, twitter and so much more.

Share private information and your generated codes with Friends & Family Download this app and transform your Device into a powerful QR Code scanning station

-------------- SPECIAL FEATURES ------------------

  • Get instant Information and Descriptions on your selected products just by scanning the QR & Barcodes

  • Use the camera or any image from the library to scan codes

  • Fast and Easy QR and Barcode Scanning

  • Create QR & Barcodes for many types like, email, web, paypal, facebook and more

  • Endless Storage Capacity for saving your Codes

  • Open web links and map locations directly in the app

  • Barcode-QR Code Scanner keeps all your scanned codes in the history

  • Share Codes with others via Email, Facebook & Twitter

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