Aussie Rules Hero

Aussie Rules Hero

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◉ Featured by Apple as a 'New Game We Love' ◉ ◉ The number 1 sports game on the App Store ◉

"What an awesome little AFL game. My son and I love it! Keep the updates coming." - reviewer

"You can tell it was made out of love - both love of afl and love of games. A refreshing gem in a sea of cynical cash grabs" - reviewer

Be a hero. Be an Aussie Rules hero!

Aussie Rules Hero is a unique and exciting retro / 8 bit arcade style Australian Rules Football (AFL) goal kicking game.

It's the Aussie Rules game that probably should have been made in the 80's.

We all want to be THAT hero who kicks the match winning goal beyond the 50 metre arc after the siren.

Well, that HERO can now be you (or your mother or baby brother / sister).

With 3 different skill levels, Aussie Rules Hero has been kicked from the ground up to cater for people of all ages.


  1. Tap anywhere on the screen to kick.
  2. Use the moving target behind the goals to aim.
  3. Watch wind speed / direction and time remaining.
  4. If it's out on the full, it's game over.

The aim of the game is to kick as many balls as you can between the two tall goal posts (which is worth 6 points).


Wind speed and wind direction change every kick. Wind speed ranges from 0 (no wind) to 15 (strong wind) while wind direction is simply left or right.

There is also a distance countdown clock which upon reaching 0, the distance from goal changes. It's up to you how many kicks you manage each distance.


Your hero can kick again as soon as a footy is kicked. In other words, you don't have to wait for the footy to land. (That means you can go crazy!)


◉ Realistic ball physics ◉ Unique game play ◉ 85 heads to unlock (males and females) ◉ 17 fun and challenging game modes ◉ Kick the footy in the trash can mode ◉ Hit the duck mode ◉ Practice mode ◉ 3 difficulty levels (Kids, Junior, Senior) ◉ Customize your hero team, name and number ◉ Customize your hero (left footer / right footer, light skin / dark skin, white / black shorts) ◉ Kick against the man on the mark ◉ Change the man on the mark team! ◉ 8 bit retro club songs ◉ 10 distances to kick from (ranging from 20m to 100m) ◉ Funky 8 bit music / sounds ◉ 8 bit old school graphics ◉ Portrait mode game play ◉ No commercials after a goal ◉ Game Center Leaderboards ◉ Totally free to play ◉ Listen to your own music while playing


KIDS = No wind and no out on the full JUNIOR = Wind but no out on the full SENIOR (default) = Wind and game over when out on the full.

We hope you enjoy Aussie Rules Hero and that you become the hero between your friends (or the world!)

If you want to get in touch with us to say g'day or tell us of a new game mode / improvements you'd like added in the next update, please email us at: